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Re: Debian 0.90 Emacs/aucTeX problem under X

John van der Koijk <vdkoijk@radth.ruu.nl> writes:

> I'm experiencing problems installing aucTeX in Emacs. It seems that
> all is working fine when using a non-X VC; however, when starting
> aucTeX from an X session of Emacs the following happens:

Which Emacs are you using in a VC -- the X binary or the non-X binary?

> 1. tex-site is loaded by .emacs (apparently without errors)

If it is autoloaded, then it means nothing has been loaded except for
the routines to load it when it is needed (step 2).  Even if it is
completely loaded (by "load" or "require") at startup (a silly idea),
you still can't tell at this point whether or not it is going to work.

> 2. when a .tex file is loaded the error message

> 	File mode specification error: (wrong-number-of-arguments #[(&optional
> 	buffer visible-ok)"\300^Y\302^K^L\"^Q.......

>    is issued, which leaves me completely in-the-dark.  After this,
>    aucTeX is not working. Furthermore, Emacs starts behaving
>    strangely.

I can't answer any of this without more information.  What version of
AUC TeX are you using?  Is it written for Emacs 19?  Can you provide a
backtrace?  How does it behave "strangely"?

There were some problems with the DOC file of X11 Emacs which were
fixed in 0.91 or will be fixed in 0.92 (I can't remember which).  It
doesn't sound like a related problem from what you write, but I can't
think of anything problems that were dependent on the differences
between X Emacs and non-X emacs.

It is quite possible that you are trying to do something with an Emacs 18
era package that won't work with Emacs 19.

> Has anyone got a clue for me, or perhaps a pointer?

A possible pointer from the FAQ directly out of
/usr/lib/emacs/19.22/etc/FAQ or /usr/doc/emacs/FAQ (in Debian)

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114: AUC TeX -- enhanced LaTeX mode with debugging facilities

  Author: Kresten Krab Thorup <krab@iesd.auc.dk>
  Latest released version: 6.1 {???}
  Anonymous FTP:
  Mailing list:
    auc-tex-request@iesd.auc.dk (for subscriptions)
    auc-tex@iesd.auc.dk (for submissions)
    auc-tex_mgr@iesd.auc.dk (auc-tex development team)
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Daniel Quinlan  <quinlan@spectrum.cs.bucknell.edu>

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