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Re: debian-0.90: a few comments

Daniel Quinlan writes:
> Sunando Sen <sens@acf2.NYU.EDU> writes:
> > [...] I just don't want to download and reinstall everything when
> > only a few things have changed.
> It is not possible to upgrade from 0.90 to 0.91.  I think Ian Murdock
> made this clear as soon as the decision to change from absolute to
> relative paths in the *.deb (gzipped cpio) files was made.
> Summary: reinstall everything.  :(
> Advice: wait for 0.92. :)

Fine.  I can wait, and I have more or less solved the little problems
> > 3.  The copy of vi (or rather elvis) is buggy.  It corrupts the
> > screen once I suspended it, and I couldn't return to it with `fg' at
> > all.  This is only a guess, but I suspect this comes from the buggy
> > copy of elvis-1.17 in sunsite.unc.edu.  The patches used by the
> > author looked wrong to me, and anyway it had the same symptom as
> > debian's elvis.  I do have a fixed copy of elvis.
> A fix for this would be great.  This bug is really annoying.

I can send you an elvis binary on separate mail if you want.

> > 5.  I was surprised to find twm missing, but that is only a minor
> > matter.
> I would personally like to see tvtwm provided, but I've managed quite
> well with fvwm so far.  Maybe I can provide tvtwm once time allows.
> I suggest that you consider putting a twm package together for Debian.
> There is no reason why you couldn't, is there?

I don't know if I want to do this.  As I don't think I am qualified
enough for this kind of work.  Why not just take twm from the standard
Xfree distribution?
> > 6.  The emacs could also do with a little better packaging.  I suggest
> > including Robert Sander's console.el, which is setup for the Linux
> > console terminal.  I have a copy of console.el and a defaults.el with
> > user-friendly keybindings.  The default us.map that comes with the
> > kernel is not complete enough for emacs.  For example, typical emacs
> > keystrokes like `Ctrl-@' or `Alt-%' are not defined (in general, no
> > Ctrl-Shift or Alt-Shift combinations are defined).  I also have a copy
> > us.map of that takes care of these that I would like to contribute.
> Could you please mail any Emacs stuff to me so I can get it into the
> next Emacs release along with the other changes I've made?

Sending you on a separate mail.
> If you could clarify what you mean by "a little better packaging", I
> would appreciate it as well.  I selfishly want to make Debian's Emacs
> implementation as good as possible since I seem to spend 90% of my
> time in it.

Well, all I meant is that emacs should work out of the box with all
the keys and so on.  Actually, I would only include a very minimal
default.el, with not too many clever hacks, i.e., as standard an
installation as possible.  BTW, is it really necessary to use
jka-compress.el, since emacs now includes crypt++.el?  This is what I
meant by a `standard installation'.  I think the emacs distribution
should be set up comfortably for a beginner and then as the `customer'
gets thoroughly addicted to emacs, she will gradually learn how to
make additional customisations herself.
> > 8.  Is anybody working on making a TeX distribution?  I have built the
> > latest web2c 6.0 stuff without any problem.  I also could contribute
> > some slightly enhanced lpd filters and printcaps for laserjets.
> Supposedly, someone is.  I think we have to get a vanilla TeX into the
> distribution NOW and worry about enhancements later.  It has already
> taken far too long.
> I wonder if Ian Murdock would be willing to include the first
> completely working TeX package that showed up at his door.

I have TeX up and running.  But, I would really like to see optional
packages like TeX and emacs use some sort of /usr/opt scheme.  Hence I
am reluctant to send my own copy, which installs on /usr/lib/texmf
(that is the new web2c-6.0 layout) and /usr/bin.

Sunando Sen

Dept. of Economics			Email: sens@acf2.nyu.edu
New York University

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