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Re: Debian-0.91: first impressions

>>>>> "Pieter" == Pieter Immelman <pi@itu2.sun.ac.za> writes:
In article <[🔎] m0pTYNH-000QEtC@itu2.sun.ac.za> Pieter Immelman <pi@itu2.sun.ac.za> writes:

    Pieter> First thing: *real* nice job on the distribution.  I was
    Pieter> real impressed the first time I installed it and still
    Pieter> raved when I installed the 2nd copy.  Just a few things I
    Pieter> noticed:

    Pieter> * "syslogd: loose cannon" and eating CPU like it's free

I sent a patch to syslogd to Rick (who maintains the util-xxx
collection for linux).  Get the latest util-1.5.

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