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Re: Ispell (answer and plea)

 > Well, I took a look in site-lisp, and this was what I found:
 > 	1) Two ispell files, one called ispell.el.gz, one
 > 	   called ispell.elc, I assume the elc was compiled from
 > 	   the compressed one.

This should be correct.

 > 	2) The ispell.el.gz said this:
 > 	;;; Spelling correction interface for GNU EMACS "ispell"
 > 	;;; $Id: ispell.el,v 2.19 1992/01/10 10:54:08 geoff Exp $
 > 	;;;

This should also be correct.

 > 	3) This is the error I get in the emacs buffer:
 > 	   "Autoloading failed to define function ispell"

This is difficult to understand.  Try to `guinzip' ispell.el.gz and
remove ispell.elc and see if you still get the same error.  Also check
what ispell is actually loaded.

 > Number two stumps me, is it the international version interface?

Maybe so---check whether ispell.el contains anything like ``(defun
ispell ...)''.  The commands I use are ispell-buffer, ispell-word, and

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