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re: Some questions?

Donald=Harper%NA%Contractors@bangate.compaq.com (Donald Harper) writes:
> So, any time frame?  I have been holding off to get my new harddrive, 
> and I finally got it, so I am ready to go, go, GO! :-)

If you are chomping at the bit so badly, please install the currently
available release! Plan to upgrade or re-install later. You will always
have a better idea of how to configure your system the _second_ time.

Let's not pressure Ian, as the last time we did that he ended up sick
in bed from overwork. Or, If you really want to pressure Ian, send
money. He really should be able to quit flipping hamburgers and spend
more time on Debian :-) .

Let's make this a statement in the FAQ: Please don't post time-line requests
and messages of the flavor "I want it now" to the lists. Send them to
individuals if you must.


	Bruce Perens
	[terrible egotistical net cop and Debian list manager :-) ]

Bruce Perens AB6YM Bruce@Pixar.com 510-215-3502

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