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Volunteering time


WRT my previous post, if you are interested in contributing _time_ to
Debian, then Mike Dickey <mdickey@thorplus.lib.purdue.edu> is the man
to contact.  Mike is now the head Project Coordinator.  I probably
should have mentioned that. :) Sorry.  Anyway, Mike is now in charge
of keeping track of who is doing what, when it is supposed to be done,
and what is not being done.  In short, he's trying to organize
everything.  He should have a (somewhat) complete list of active
contributors put together sometime soon, but only if he has the
information he needs.

So... if you have contributed to Debian, drop Mike a note.  If you are
working on something, drop Mike a note.  If you want to work on
something, drop Mike a note.  (Redundant? :)

General questions about the DLA or donating can still come to me.



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