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Re: /usr/include/{linux, asm}

I said, after trying to build a pl15 kernel under debaian 0.91:

> Early on, the build failed because debian 0.91 has /usr/include/{linux, asm}
> as real directories with real files [...], and not symlinks [...]

Several people promptly pointed out, correctly, that I was badly mistaken.
Proper symlinks are indeed in a debian 0.91 distribution.  I apparently
hosed this myself when I moved my installed system from one partition to
another.  I thought I had reinstalled from scratch since then, but my
thinking is obviously fuzzy and incorrect about this.  Apologies and thanks.

Special thanks to  mdickey@thorplus.lib.purdue.edu (Mike D.), who steered
me to cps201.cps.cmich.edu for patches to upgrade pl15 kernel sources.  I
found tarfiles and patchfiles there for patchlevels up thru pl15h, and
grabbed the pl15h tarfile.

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