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Minor Problem with BETA-0.91

There is a Problem with the emacs DOC file. The symbolic link in
/usr/lib/emacs/19.22/etc/DOC-19.22.2 -> DOC does not work right,
because there are two different emacs in the distribution and the DOC
file belongs to emacs-no-x, which is minor version 19.22.1. This DOC
file will not work right for any different emacs (specialy
emacs-19.22.2,emacs-x11) , because it's created from those functions
which are built in. So the emacs-x11 needs his own DOC file.

Another hint is to delete TERM=console from /etc/profile and setenv
TERM from /etc/csh.login, because the TERM variable is set from 
getty (and login and ttydefs??). 
This would be usefull for working on a serial terminal which is not a

Thomas Diestelhorst 

Thomas Diestelhorst, FB 17, Uni-GH Paderborn, Warburgerstr. 100,
                     D-4790 Paderborn, Germany
Mail:   td@uni-paderborn.de			   Raum: E3.148

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