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Bug in mkconfig for Taylor UUCP

There is an easily fixed bug in the /usr/lib/uucp/linux-install/mkconfig
script. At the end, it issues two chmod commands (inside loops) that
fail because they don't have the directory reference. They are

	chmod 0644 $file


	chmod 0600 $file

In both cases, the "$file" needs to be "$install_dir/$file", I think,
based on the rest of the script.

In any case, I am extremely impressed by the Debian distribution. This,
the rc.serial problem, and the fact that the /etc/issue file says
"Debian 0.90" rather than "Debian 0.91" are the only problems I've had 
(that weren't MY fault). My respect and thanks to Ian and all the rest who
worked on Debian.

Steve Greenland       

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