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Can't install

Hi All,

  I don't know how you succeeded in installing Debian 0.91. I tried
three times and all failed. Here's what I did:

  1. Download the bootdsk.gz, basedsk1.gz, and basedsk2.gz in
     binary mode from sunsite.unc.edu to my Unix machine.
  2. Run 'gzip -d *.gz' to unzip the files. They all came up with
     1228800 bytes. So I presume they should be rawriten to
     5.25" floppies.
  3. Run 'rawrite' to write the unzipped file to 3 floppies.
  4. Start the boot disk. Succeeded.
  5. Follow the prompt to create partitions for the Debian.
  6. Follow the prompt to format the hard disks with mke2fs.
  7. Follow the prompt to install the base system. Enter install prompt.
  8. Follow the prompt to mount file system /dev/hda3.
     (by the way, it says (ex. /usr) : /root/_, strange)
  9. Now it says the following:

    filesystem   1024-blocks   Used   Available    Capacity    Mounted
    /dev/hda3    135660        4332   124545       3%          /root/usr

  10. Follow the prompt by installing the base system from a: (/dev/fd0)
  11. Got the error message: "cpio: write error: No space left on device".

  Does anyone know why?

Thanks in advance,


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