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Re: TeX

>>>>> vinod@cse.iitb.ernet.in (Vinod G Kulkarni) wrote:
>According to Nils Rennebarth:

>I have already got xdvik, dvipsk, dvgt, eps compiled for linux. I am to
>try dvi2xx (but I can't test it.) 
O.k, so we might agree, that I just try to change dvi2xx to use the
kpathsea library. I need this for our site anyway, and I could test
it here.

>We are also considering porting xdvi for linux console driver. 
>We found that it is quite feasible.  However it will take time since my
This sound like a nice idea. Please use the newest xdvik with eps
support for this. (from Karl Berry's site). I'd love to see
grayscale antialiasing on a console driver. For keyboard-handling,
you might look in the spic sources. They do not require return
for each keystroke and support cursor-keys.


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