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Re: On links and things

> Public opinion time.  I've decided to go back to patchlevel 14.  I've
> heard complaints that networking isn't quite stable; I know that people
> were very happy with the networking in 0.81 (which contained patchlevel
> 14), and I personally have had frequent EXT2 filesystem panics simply
> moving large files around.  Perhaps including an ALPHA kernel wasn't
> the wisest decision.  Thoughts?

	I've had *zero* problems with the ALPHA kernels running SLIP networking
4-6 hours every day.  Are these problems ethernet related?  Comments?  My
selfish reason for Debian not shying away from the latest kernel (14w+) is the
excellent ftape support.  I'm playing with getting dpkg to install directly
from QIC-80 tape with the ftape module.  If we regress back to stock pl14
ftape requires patches, whereas the ALPHA kernels are ftape-ready out of the

BTW, has anybody else looked into installing directly from tape with the ftape
driver?  I'm also curious if the QIC-02 install procedure is in the works since
that driver is a great deal more mature.

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