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Re: A few minor points

On Fri, 11 Feb 1994, Larry Butler wrote:

> There are a few things that sort of annoy me about 0.90. Please excuse me if
> any of this has been changed in 0.91.
> I didn't install "mail" (xmail?), but I did install elm. All is fine except
> The root cronjobs use the command "mail"

You'll be better off making a link from mail to elm, as crontabs aren't
the only things that will try to use a 'mail' program. (p.s. it's mailx)
> The default fs type compiled into mount & umount is minix. Why not make it
> ext2? Think if how annoying that is for an experienced unix user that is not
> familiar with linux.

Usually, I only use mount and umount manually with removable media, in 
which case, I almost always use minixfs. (Have you tried making an ext2fs
on a floppy?!?!) What would be better: make (u)mount work like fsck and
have it automatically recognize the filesystem type by attempting to
mount more than one (default) fs type before giving an error.
> The default values for "make" variables  CC=cc ( should be gcc), YACC=yacc
> (should be bison -y) etc...


> IMHO the kernel image should go in the /boot directory. How about
> /boot/kernel (I thing Solaris does it like this).

Solaris puts the kernel in /kernel/unix. The newest FSSTND draft says
the kernel can go in either / or /boot, whichever the administrator
prefers. I keep mine in /boot/zImage.PL.N where PL==patch_level and
N==version_number, with a symlink from zImage to the current kernel.
I wrote a short shell script that automatically installs the kernel
from the source directory using the new filesystem structure, because
the current 'make zlilo' only works with pre-0.14 versions of lilo and
doesn't support multiple kernel versions.


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