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Re: Debian 0.90 Emacs/aucTeX problem under X

John van der Koijk <vdkoijk@radth.ruu.nl> wrote:
>>  I'm experiencing problems installing aucTeX in Emacs. It seems that
>>  all is working fine when using a non-X VC; however, when starting
>>  aucTeX from an X session of Emacs the following happens:
>>  1. tex-site is loaded by .emacs (apparently without errors)
>>  2. when a .tex file is loaded the error message
>>  	File mode specification error: (wrong-number-of-arguments #[(&optional
>>  	buffer visible-ok)"\300^Y\302^K^L\"^Q.......

I've also run into this problem. I found that the emacs-19.22 on
sunsite (not the debian version) works OK with auctex. The problem
seemed to have something to do with the emacs binary, not the lisp files.
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