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Another Emacs bug

Well, `bug' is probably too strong a word: it is a minor
inconvenience.  Emacs seems to look for /etc/chown in dired-mode,
while it is actually in /bin.  The problem is that dired is dumped
into the emacs image, so editing dired.el and byte-compiling it again
does not help.  I have been editing the emacs binary (with emacs, of
course) to change the string `/etc/chown' to `/bin/chown', which is a
lot quicker than recompiling emacs.  I think the best solution would
be to make the appropriate change in dired.el and loaddefs.el and send
it to the emacs maintainer.

Digression:  should chown be in /sbin or /bin, since it is only usable
by the superuser?

Sunando Sen

Dept. of Economics			Email: sens@acf2.nyu.edu
New York University

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