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Re: Debian TeX

>> P.S.  Does anyone know where I can get a beta of the tex.deb?  I tried
>> emailing the head maintainer, but cannot get through...
>I don't.  Sorry.  I wish I did...

 Sorry about this, I did try uploading this to sunsite on Friday as I had 
promised Ian, but due to what appears to be local, I could not get a connection 
to sunsite. I will try again sometime tomorrow. (It was probably a good job as I 
discovered a number of bugs on Saturday).


PS. For anyone trying to mail me, make sure you send the mail to
    phyjab1@caledonia.hw.ac.uk, this is a large nework of UNIX machines, and
    if you send to an individual machine on this network you will get very far.

Jonathan A. Buzzard,              
Physics Department,           Email:-
Heriot-Watt University,            phyjab1@caledonia.hw.ac.uk   InterNet
Edinburgh. EH14 4AS                phyjab1@uk.ac.hw.clust       JANET
United Kingdom.

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