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A few minor points

There are a few things that sort of annoy me about 0.90. Please excuse me if
any of this has been changed in 0.91.

These are probably bugs:
when I press ^C in an xterm no SIGINT is generated. ^Z and ^\ cause SIGTSTP
and SIGQUIT as they should.

I didn't install "mail" (xmail?), but I did install elm. All is fine except
The root cronjobs use the command "mail"

These are not bugs (just annoying):

The default fs type compiled into mount & umount is minix. Why not make it
ext2? Think if how annoying that is for an experienced unix user that is not
familiar with linux.

The default values for "make" variables  CC=cc ( should be gcc), YACC=yacc
(should be bison -y) etc...

IMHO the kernel image should go in the /boot directory. How about
/boot/kernel (I thing Solaris does it like this).


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