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Administrivia, and "about procmail"

Apologies to all who have been inconvenienced while the new debian-
lists were starting to operate.

Those of you who get mail from these mailing lists in the same mailbox
with your personal mail should probably be using "procmail". I use it
to burst mail from 20 different lists into their individual files, leaving
only my personal mail in my main mailbox. It's easy to use. This is
my .forward file:

/u0/bruce/Mail/Received, "|IFS=' ';exec /usr/people/bruce/Software/Bin.IRIX/procmail #bruce"

and this is part of my my .procmailrc file:

:1: $MAILDIR/linux/debian.lock
^Sender: debian-user@pixar.com

That arranges for mail from debian-user to be sent off to its own file
instead of my personal mailbox. You can FTP procmail from:

	ftp.informatik.rwth-aachen.de (

	as zipped tar file:		pub/unix/procmail.tar.zip	<152KB
	as compressed tar file:		pub/unix/procmail.tar.Z		<216KB
	in compressed shar format:	pub/unix/procmail.??.Z	      11 parts

It builds on "debian" with no trouble. Someone should put it in a package.


Bruce Perens
(the debian-* list manager)

Bruce Perens AB6YM Bruce@Pixar.com 510-215-3502

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