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Re: installation types (tape ?)

Dear Bob Gibson, in a message to me you wrote:"
!Ger Timmens <ger@cv.ruu.nl> writes:
!| I (painlessly) installed the basesystem (rootdisk+basedsk1+basedisk2).
!| I thought I could install from tape afterwards, however /dev/rmt0
!| isn't known. Do I have to install from floppy? I sure don't hope so.
!Another alternative is to use kermit.  That's what I did.  I installed
!the base system and kermit.deb with floppy.  I then strung a serial
!cable from the linux box to my workstation and enabled a getty on

Yep, but my linux station is at home ;-) The 'one' thing I liked from 'SLS'
(I hardly dare to mention this package -anymore-) was the easy tape install:
I just had to rawrite one bootflop and put the tape in...

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