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Re: Latex/Tex / dpkg remark

> >I don't know where the FSSTND would want the pk files to go, but there
> >must someplace better than /usr/local.  Please (please please please...
> >(pitiful begging)) don't put any "system" files in /usr/local.
> >It's hard enough keeping track of locally installed stuff without
> >Debian complicating the matter.
>  Then they can not be shared over a network, they are not local files to a 
> machine. I will repeat this again (just in case you where not listening last 

I suspect you left out a 'not' in the first sentence, as it's
contradictory.  I'd have thought that, if you had (say) one server
with a single laser printer on it and a dozen other machines getting
disk off it, then you'd have no problems sharing the font files over
the network?

>From the FSSTND draft:
> Static data includes binaries, libraries, documentation, and anything
> that does not change without system administrator intervention.
> Variable data is anything that does change without the system
> administrator's intervention.

It sounds to me as if these font files are likely to change without
intervention, which suggests placing them on /var.  Of course, if
they're to be shared over the network, they can't be placed there.

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