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A few minor points

In your message of Fri, 11 Feb 1994 16:52:00 PST, you write:
| Actually, come to think of it, I was using ext fs not ext2.  (show you
| how long it's been since I did serious stuff with floppies).  I used
| it rather than minix 'cause I like long path names.

xiafs might be a better choice for a long-names filesystem on a floppy.  Or 
minix with 30-character names.  ext2 is rather wasteful, and (as is often true 
with high-performance filesystems) gets worse performance in very limited 
spaces... not that you would notice, since the hardware is slower yet.

Brandon S. Allbery	   kf8nh@kf8nh.ampr.org		 bsa@kf8nh.wariat.org
"MSDOS didn't get as bad as it is overnight -- it took over ten years
of careful development."  ---dmeggins@aix1.uottawa.ca

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