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Re: A few questions for everyone

> > This is false.  /var/spool/mail should be 2775 (or perhaps 0775) and
> > group owner mail.  Anything that needs to access (lock) mailboxes
> > needs to be sgid mail.
> I thought  think it  should be 0775, root.mail?
> > The problem with Emacs RMAIL sounds like movemail not being sgid.  You
> > should check that the version of movemail you have does do appropriate
> > checks (some very early versions didn't), and if so install it sgid to
> > mail.
> > The same goes for elm and mailx.  I don't know whether mh
> > (specifically, I think that only the 'inc' command needs to be sgid)
> > is sufficiently secure.  If not it should be made so.
> Weird, on our solaris machine neither movemail nor inc are sgid, and
> the /var/mail directoru is 0775 root.mail, and it all works.  On my
> Linux box it does not.

Strange.  I thought we solved this one a couple weeks ago.  The
problem was that the adduser script created mail files in
/var/spool/mail with the wrong gid (gids should be "mail").  Is there
another "Emacs RMAIL problem" that I am not aware of?


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