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Re: Loose cannons.
I have traced this down to the "setserial" command. Some multi serial port
boards do not like being probed at all. If you probe them (even a tiny little
bit like auto_irq), boom boom, loose cannons and you need to reboot to get
control back over the serial board.
The solution is simply to do a fully manual setserial, and comment out all the
automatic configurations.
You'll find all the manual setserials in the latter half of rc.serial.
It appears that rc.serial has caused so many problems that it would seem to be
best to comment out ALL the serial definitions (except maybe com1/com2), and
let the user pick whatever is appropriate for their own configuration.
My main problem with setserial at the moment is that I can't work out how to
use the "-fourport" switch. I want to turn the "fourport" flag off, but
setserial whinges "-f unknown option" at me. "- fourport" doesn't work either.
Any help?

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