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Some Problems

I put 0.91 on my system last night and noticed a small problem with the
networking stuff.  I use a SLIP connection and dip seemed to work ok for
this version.  I was able to use telnet just fine, as root and as a
normal user, but when I tried to use ftp as a normal user, the
connection was established, but before I was prompted for the password I
got a segmentation error and a core dump.  Is this just my system, or
are there others with this problem.  It seems like a permissions
problem, but I didn't have time last night to look for it.  I'll take a
look at the system tonight.

Again, It would sure be nice to have a rough estimate of how much space
things were going to take, so that I could adjust my partition BEFORE
doing the install and running out of space ;)  Oh well I guess thats
beta testing ;) ;)

Gary Skouson	
The opinions expressed here are mine and have
nothing to do with what my employer may think.

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