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Re: debian install lilo?

On Sun, 27 Feb 1994, Ian A Murdock wrote:

> Ok, here's how I do it.  Put the new kernel on the disk (we shall
> assume here that it is mounted on /mnt).  There should already be
> files in /mnt/etc/lilo that were used to LILO the original bootdisk,
> and they should need no modification (if they're not there, let me
> know and I'll mail them to you).  Make sure that the symbolic link
> /mnt/etc/lilo/lilo is pointing to a binary of LILO 0.12 (for space
> reasons, the binary was on another partition of mine) and that
> /mnt/etc/lilo/install is a shell script containing the following:
> `./lilo -r /mnt -C /etc/lilo/config'.  At this point all you need to
> do is type `./install' from within /mnt/etc/lilo and the job will be
> done.  `-r' does a chroot() to /mnt, and -C specifies the
> configuration file to use.
> Many of you may be wondering why the bootdisk still uses LILO 0.12.
> Well, at least as of last fall, LILO >= 0.13 didn't allow you to
> override the settings in /etc/lilo.conf.  This made it difficult to
> provide separate `ramdisk' and `fd' options on the bootdisk.  If this
> has changed in recent releases of LILO or the kernel, please do tell.

Thanks.  I'm still trying.

"strings/sbin/lilo | grep -i lilo" tells me that it's version 0.14.
/mnt/etc/lilo/lilo was symlinked to /home/imurdock/lilo/lilo on the 
debian 0.91 boot/install floppy.

When I symlinked /mnt/sbin/lilo/lilo to /sbin/lilo, "./install" failed with
the message "First boot sector is version 10.  Expecting version 14".
After several other things failed, I "cp /boot/boot.b /mnt/etc/lilo/boot.b".
After this, "./install" fails with the message "creat /boot/map~ No such 
file or directory".  At this point, I gave up on that approach.

Sounds like I need to get a copy of lilo.12.  Can anyone provide a 
pointer to it?

As a possible alternative, I'm thinking that I should be able to set up 
the pl15h kernel I've built so that I could copy it to a floppy and have 
a boot sequence from that floppy load the ramdisk from the debian 0.91
boot/install disk.  I seem to recall early SLS distributions having an 
install procedure like this.  I haven't found the proper combination or 
sequence of incantations to accomplish this, however.  I used rdev to set 
the root device for my pl15h kernel to /dev/fd0 and the ramsize to 1183 
blocks before copying it to a boot floppy, without success.  If this 
alternative is workable, I'd appreciate info on how to get this to work.

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