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debian install lilo?

This is primarily a question for Ian, I think, but I'd appreciate help
from anyone who knows the answer.  I'm posting it to the list because
I think the answer might be of general interest.

I've recently posted that I'm trying to put together a debian boot/install
disk for a friend who tells me his hardware needs a pl15e or later kernel.
I've built a pl15h kernel and copied it over /vmlinuz on a copy of my
debain 0.91 boot disk.  Booting the disk crashes the machine while trying
to load linux.  I believe this is because it needs to be re-lilo'd.

I've never been much of a hand with the more esoteric uses of lilo, and
I can't find lilo man pages or readme files on my debian 0.91 installation
(I only installed devel, doc, util, X11, snd Xserv packages - perhaps I
missed the lilo docs).

Could someone help me out with a /etc/lilo.conf file and lilo command
line to reconfigure the floppy?  It's a copy of the 0.91 distribution
bootdisk with /vmlinuz replaced with a newly-built p.15h kernel, and
it's in /dev/fd0.

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