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Re: GNU finger bizarro under Linux...

In article <CLAp2B.2Hw@unix.portal.com>,
Ian A Murdock <imurdock@shell.portal.com> wrote:
>I'm having some problems getting the GNU finger server daemon `fingerd'
>to run for any extended period of time.  I've applied the patch found
>in procps-0.92 to the GNU source for version 1.37.  Everything compiles
>fine, and everything works fine for awhile... but `fingerd' crashes
>very easily.
>It's quite strange, actually, because it runs just fine when root is
>the only user logged into the system.  I started it last night before I
>went to bed with only root logged in, and found it still running when I
>But here's where it gets strange... the minute I log in as anyone
>besides root... crash!  It dies.  And I'm stumped.

With a bit more experimentation, I discovered that when logged into the
system with only one specific user (this can mean multiple logins of
the same user), `fingerd' runs as it should.  I've been running here as
imurdock all morning without a problem.  But I just logged in as root
to another VC, and, sure enough, `fingerd' died.

What could be causing this?

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