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Latex/Tex / dpkg remark

In your message of Mon, 14 Feb 1994 13:25:00 PST, you write:
| I suspect you left out a 'not' in the first sentence, as it's
| contradictory.  I'd have thought that, if you had (say) one server

No, he was talking from the other direction then.  I admit his text *was* a 
bit convoluted, though; figuring out the referent was mildly tricky.

| It sounds to me as if these font files are likely to change without
| intervention, which suggests placing them on /var.  Of course, if
| they're to be shared over the network, they can't be placed there.

I got the impression the full suggestion was to generate them to /var, then 
(local option) be able to move them to a globally-visible location; the 
problem being that he wants a standard repository for these fonts.  This may 
be considered a local issue.

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