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Re: New Debian install locks up at "configuring serial ports..."

Ian Murdock writes:
> This bug has been fixed for 0.92, which has not yet been released.  To
> everyone who is thinking about installing Debian, you are best advised to
> wait for 0.92.  It won't be long now...
> Ian
I presume 0.92 will be upgraded to kernel pl15* including a patch to the
ext2fs problem in the base level pl15.  Also, in case you are considering
compiling in either the Mitsumi CD-ROM driver or QIC tape drivers in the
distribution kernel, you would be best advised to leave them out.  Their
default address/IRQ settings conflict with permissable settings for other
devices, i.e., adaptec 1542 scsi controller and wd80*3e ether card.  They 
can therefore erroneously detect the presence of the Mitsumi and QIC de-
vices, rendering the system inoperable. 

Carl Powers

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