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Re: debian-0.90: a few comments

Sunando Sen writes:
> 3.  The copy of vi (or rather elvis) is buggy.  It corrupts the screen
> once I suspended it, and I couldn't return to it with `fg' at all.
> This is only a guess, but I suspect this comes from the buggy copy of
> elvis-1.17 in sunsite.unc.edu.  The patches used by the author looked
> wrong to me, and anyway it had the same symptom as debian's elvis.  I
> do have a fixed copy of elvis.

Could you mail me a patch (or provide a pointer)?  I have no interest
in just binaries.  There will be a source distribution one of these
> 7.  There are a couple of other minor problems.  I see the message
> `init: unknown option ro' while booting.  What's the problem with
> init?  I think the syslogd is also broken.  I get messages like
> `syslogd: loose cannon' (?!)
> and then:
> `syslogd: last message repeated 24345767 times'
> in /var/adm/messages.

Did you boot the system with a kernel that supports TCP/IP (i.e., the
kernel in the base)?  The kernel on the bootdisk does not support this
for disk space reasons.  If that's what you're using to boot the system
that may be your problem.


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