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debian installation

Here's two more considerations about space management during install.

(1) I had thought I got a kernel panic because one of my file systems
got full.  Further work showed that it was because of my attempt to
install a [possibly corrupt] kermit package.  I don't have the numbers
or error messages in front of me, I'll try and post them later.

(2) To get everything [except for 4 packages that had problems] to
install, I have my 40 MB partition as /, and my 36 MB partition as
/usr/lib.  Further, X386 and X11 sit side by side in /usr/lib, with
soft links directed at them.  Things work out fairly well this way.
[I'm putting Linux on a company machine, and company policy is I can't
touch the partitioning on the hard drives.]

Raul D. Miller

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