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Re: 0.92 debian

[ This was a private email to me.  My response should be of interest
  to everyone on the list. -Ian ] 

Carl Powers writes:
> Ian, 
> I saw your reference to debian 0.92 in today's mail.  Is it's release
> iminent?  Will it be just an upgrade of specific packages, ala 0.80 to
> 0.81, or a complete replacement?  I've finally gotten enough of 0.91
> downloaded to try installing but don't want to start if all or most of
> it is about to change.

Initially, I started working on simple bug fixes and enhancements to be
distributed as patches.  However, due to the recent release of the new
libc, kernel and so on this upgrade will not be available as patches
after all.

It will actually be very similar to the 0.80 to 0.81 upgrade.  For
those of you who weren't around back then, this involves obtaining
_only_ the packages that have changed from 0.91 to 0.92.  These will
be clearly marked as changed.  All that one needs to do is obtain the
changed packages, replace the changed packages on the installation
media and reinstall.  I also feel it essential that BETA testers
reinstall because there are several changes to dinstall/dsetup/dpkg
that I would like to be thoroughly tested.

I'm still working on 0.92 and unfortunately cannot provide a timetable 
that I could possible meet. :)  Be advised, however, that you should
hold on to your 0.91 packages.


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