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Re: On things

> > serial port they've got their mouse on and type "Mouse = /dev/ttyS2"
> > is not a hardship.  As for selection... *shrug*.  The package
> > install script prompts for the serial port once, enters it into the
> > rc file, and everybody's happy.
> Well, it is *possible* to generate an Xconfig or to at least change
> entries in it.  A little 'sed' never hurt anyone...

Ummm... I, for one, would not like to be responsible for writing a
script to generate an Xconfig for someone... that way they can't blame
me when the script produces a set of timings that make their monitor
blow up...

It's been my experience that rolling an Xconfig mode takes about half
an hour of tweaking (does that work?  No, a little more to the left).
And that's when you've done a few before, and know how things go.
Someone installing debian is almost certainly going to have to be
editing their Xconfig file themselves... :)

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