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Re: Latex/Tex / dpkg remark

Jonathan A. Buzzard writes:

>  It's not quite that simple, according to the FSSTND draft, configuration files 
> that are sharable across a network, etc. should go in somewhare in /usr (look in 
> Debain 0.91 and you will find all the app-defaults are in /usr). As this applies 
> to all TeX configuration files, we have a problem. As when you install TeX (at 
> least in Debain TeX), you generate format files with your own hyphenation 
> patters etc, all your own fonts, etc. It's not that simple. I think the answer 
> is to have config files like fonts in /usr/local, with everything else being in 
> /usr.
>  As nobody is yet running Debain from a CD (and frankly they would be nutters to 
> do so, as it would be so slow), The first release put everything in 
> /usr/lib/texmf, with fonts going in /usr/local/lib/texmf (I could change for the 
> first release, but I am sure you want to see it sooner rather than later).
>  I will be uploading the first release onto sunsite on Wednesday (It only needs 
> copying onto floppies now, but I have other things to do tonight).
> JAB.

Please don't put the fonts in /usr/local.  Consider leaving a minimal
set of fonts in /usr/lib/texmf/fonts/pk (resp. tfm, resp. vf), and
create another directory (I call it `local', but that does not matter)
which is actually a link from a directory under /var.  I don't think
many people will be generating format files often, so that should not
be a problem.  On the other hand, one keeps on installing additional
fonts, neat macros, and so on.  Emacs addicts probably do the same
w.r.t lisp files.  So probably there should be a directory for locally
installed macros which points to somewhere under /var, and the same
applies to /usr/lib/emacs/site-lisp too.

Sunando Sen

Dept. of Economics			Email: sens@acf2.nyu.edu
New York University

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