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Intallation quirks in Debian 0.91

A couple things I noticed when installing Debian, which do not happen
with Slackware, which I installed on a different partition just before.

1) when booting, I get:

	init[1]: unrecognized option "sdb3"

   (I use /dev/sdb3 as my Debian root)

    maybe we need a need a new version of init?

2) when booting, I get:

	keyboard: Scancode (7f) not in range 00 - 5f

   this may just be related to the new kernel, since Slackware uses a
   slightly older version.  

3) It seems like network support ought to be in the default kernel.  
   Otherwise, if you select network support when installing, when you
   reboot, you get lots of:

	socket: Invalid argument

   statements.  This means that in effect, you need to install the devel
   series to use the network.  Maybe on the net series, a binary kernel
   supporting the network should be included?

4) After installing, the first time I rebooted, I got the message that
	warning: mounting unchecked fs, running e2fsck is recommended

   Then, I noticed that it did an e2fsck.  But, the next time I rebooted,
   the same message appeared.  Slackware seems to get around this by
   mounting the root filesystem readonly first.  Maybe the rc.* files
   need a little work.

Anyway, all the applications seem to run file.  It looks like a great

-- Erik

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