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Re: installation types (was: "Re: Debian (fwd)")

> > 2. This person wanted to install from a tape, I want to install over
> >    my modem, Dan wants to install over then net(SLIP), I _really_
> >    think this needs to be addressed. Now, Dans argument for not
> I think I should have been more clear in my objections.  I do not want
> to *install* Debian over SLIP to my machine.  I might want to *get*
> Debian over the net, but installing over the net is, in most cases, a
> bad practice.  The "getting" should be independant of the "installing".
> I do believe that Debian should support the widest possible range of
> firm media.  That includes various tapes, floppies, and CD-ROMs.
> These should come first.  More people will utilize these than any
> NFS-based or other peculiar installation procedure.  Installing should
> be done from media, not the net.

Ummm... Dan, I'm sorry, but NFS-install is neither peculiar nor a bad
idea.  In fact, it's one of the things I found *MOST* impressive about
slackware.  I only had to rawrite two disks, the rest came over
ethernet.  If you're in a commercial or academic environment (as
opposed to home), it's quite likely you've got T1 or better to the FTP
site, and ethernet locally.  In this situation, the bottleneck is the
read/write access to the floppy drive.  Writing 30 floppies is an
hour's work at least, with another hour to read them.  As compared to
sucking them over an ethernet in 30 minutes.  If you're going to be
installing a dozen (or more) machines, you want NFS.

> It is also a poor idea, IMHO, to install Debian or maintain a Debian
> Linux system without a local copy of Debian packages.

Certainly.  But there's no reason the local copy should reside on a
set of floppy disks instead of the fileserver.

> If Ian wants to compile NFS into the kernel then that is fine, but
> Debian should at no time make any claims to support NFS based
> installations until such time that complete and bugless support is
> added for LAN installations through NFS.

As I've said, slackware has NFS install.  It works, I've used it, more
than once.  If debian wants to be "competitive", NFS install has to be
a priority.

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