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While I have not yet installed Debian, or FTP'ed the disks yet I wanted
to make a few suggestions.

1) For me the biggest issue is upgradeability. Ideally, if I were to
install today not touch my machine and come back in a few months,
having FTP'ed all of the updated disks, I would like to be able to
upgrade my system by following easily found documentation and have
my system appear as if I had just done a fresh install. While I
realise commercial vendors don't really offer you this, 6 months
after buying the latest and greatest you probably still feel as if
your software is rather new (I installed Slackware 1.0.4 6 months
ago and feel like my system is woefuly out of date).

2) I believe it is being worked on, but I will mention it again anyways,
TeX/LaTeX would be nice.

3) There may be some users that would be interested in the TinyX

4) I am not sure if Ian has had a chance to update GCC 2.5.7 to 2.5.8
but if not it would be nice.

5) One thing that I have seen a large number of posts to col.help about
is problems getting mice working (especially bus mice). I know in my
system I had to change the addresses used and IRQ in busmouse.h, plus
I found the ATI XL Mouse driver to not work as well as the MS BusMouse
driver even though I have an ATI XL BusMouse?! I realize that this is
probably more of a kernel issue and not a Debian specific issue, but
when people have a problem after installing a Debian dist'n they are
going to come here first.

6) I did not see a collection of FAQs and HOWTOs in the list of packages
as there is with Slackware. If someone wanted I imagine that I could
pull what I thought to be the most relevant FAQs and HOWTOs and put
them all together.

7) Maybe a small set of kernel patches should be included and made
available for people? I don't know how many people out there are
using kernel patches, but one reason that I haven't upgraded from pl13
is that I don't believe the dual-monitor patches to be available yet.

Well I realize that this is a long post, and I haven't taken a close
enough look at the contents of Debian yet, but hopefully most of the
above is applicable. Debian has set very high goals for itself, I
really hope that collectively we can achieve them.

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