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Re: Latex/Tex / dpkg remark

dixit farman.cac.psu.edu:

  > Hello folks:
  > As many of you folks might be aware, the binaries for the latex LaTeX2e
  > release were uploaded to sunstite about a week ago. 
  > IT installs everything in /usr/TeX which is in accordance to the CTAN folks
  > I am not sure if this follows the FSSTND.

Are they (the CTAN Folks) not talking about /usr/local/texmf etc. in
stead of /usr/TeX ?

I have just been compiling TeX and some other stuff and did not get
the real out-of-the-box feeling (I must be a newbee). Ugh. Latex2e
too; I must say I admire the configuration scripts the wizzards have
cooked up.

  > So, I would think, that it would be just ggood to include this thing
  > into the debian release? I do not know if the debian philosophy
  > is diffferent, but I thought I would atleast comment on this

I would like a Debian (la-)tex setup too, though I'm not sure what
should be included. Let me try:

-	The standard TeX distribution from Karl Berry (now at -6.1)
-	dvipsk
-	xdvik
-	LaTeX2e (still in sort-of-an-alpha-release-state)
-	a handsome selection of style files and macro packages
-	AucTeX package for Emacs

This is not a minimal setup, and it might be nice to leave open some
configurability: perhaps one should not put everything in a single .deb

  > As a bonus, one might include xfig, and transfig to create drawing
  > and to include then with LaTeX. This will of course have to come
  > in the X packages.

See my previous remark.


Would it perhaps be possible to let dpkg install a package from an
allready mounted directory? (I have a tape drive)

'Would love that %-)


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