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Re: installation types (was: "Re: Debian (fwd)")

Ian McCloghrie writes:

> Subj:	RE: installation types (was: "Re: Debian (fwd)")

> ....  If you're going to be
> installing a dozen (or more) machines, you want NFS.
> As I've said, slackware has NFS install.  It works, I've used it, more
> than once.  If debian wants to be "competitive", NFS install has to be
> a priority.

HEAR, HEAR! Cheers, YAAaaahhHOOOOoooo. Right On....  :) :)

I (try to) maintain 4 PCs running Linux. Installation of Slackware
(and, shudder SLS) from images on another machine makes
installation relatively painless. Net installation is a sorely
needed feature for debian-linux. 

"When" our ILI grant is funded ( :-), pant, pant, drool :-), there will
be  20 or 30 more.  I will have go the route of least resistance.
Please, I'd d'ruther have Debian-Linux. Pleaase have NFS on the
install disk, and support across-the-local-net installation. 


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