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0.91 Installation...

Just installed debian release version 0.91:

1. The installation of bootdisk +2 basedisks was painless.
2. Afterwards I tarred from tape the remaining packages to
   /user/debian (Note, use /dev/st0 instead of /dev/rmt0).
3. I tried to do a dpkg, but it failed (due to a bug in
   dpkg that was mailed to the list by Imurcock).

Note: what follows is a workaround installation scheme ;-)

4. I copied all .deb packages to /user/packages/
   (find /user/debian -name "*.deb" -exec cp {} /user/packages \;)
5. I installed all packages in /user/packages bij
   dpkg -a $package /user/packages

Everything went fine, however the following items for dpkg are

1. direct installation from tape
2. recursive search trough subdirs for .deb packages (I don't
   want to copy them all to one dir; note that this is
   required for 1.).
3. installation from a mounted partition. --process complains
   'bout this.
4. Entering 'dpkg' allone allows you to select certain packages.
   However, you have to type s, enter, code, enter, number,
   enter, etc.. When you are in selection mode a number should

Bye for now, keep up the good work.
     ____/                Ger Timmens, AZU E 02.222, Heidelberglaan 100, 
    /      ___/  _ \     3584 CX Utrecht, The Netherlands. 
   / --/  _/    / _/    e-mail: ger@cv.ruu.nl, or timmens@cs.unc.edu
 _____/  ___/ _/ _\    phone: +31-30-506711/507772, fax: +31-30-513399

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