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LILO boot problems (was: Haven't we all been quiet)

Matt Bailey writes:

> I tried to load debian onto a machine with five megs and every time
> the bootdisk died.... I pulled the image from sunsite a couple of
> times but no luck...  it just stops with lilo:

First things first.  Read the LILO FAQ.  If this fails, read the LILO
README available on tsx-11.mit.edu in /pub/linux/packages/lilo.

If it prints "LILO:" and stops, it indicates that the boot loader was
successfully loaded, but that there is another problem, perhaps that
it is not able to locate the root image.  Since I don't know ANYTHING
about your hardware setup other than the fact that you have 5 megs of
memory, I can't help you any more.

James Robinson writes:

>> This is weird, I pulled off the image from sunsite not 3 days ago, and
>> it booted just fine...  My setup is:	486sx 25MHz (DELL 486P/25)
>> 					8 Megs 80ns RAM
>> 					Booted off 1.44Meg A: drive
>> Perhaps it is the RAM?

It probably isn't RAM.  The RAM problem was during on the installation
process, not the boot-phase.

Matt Bailey continues:

>>> Well I know my problem is not RAM I hace had slackware on the
>>> machine for 6months... I also know it works on a motherboard that
>>> is identical because I just loaded it on to it... Meanwhile I loaded
>>> slackware back on to the drive nothing serious...

It is rather difficult to even try to help you solve the problem
without any information about your system, how you setup the boot
disk, etc.  How many boot disks have you tried making?  Did you test
your boot disk on another system?


Daniel Quinlan  <quinlan@spectrum.cs.bucknell.edu>

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