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Re: disk division guidelines v1.1

This will be my last post on this subject (there are more important
things to discuss :).  I like the idea of separating disks into
groups.  It's more organized and will make it (I presume) easier to
maintain a set of "current" debian disks.  You need a few more disks
but there is room to grow as debian increases in size.

BTW, the first version of the "disk division guidelines" distributes
the x11 packages a little better than the second version (this
pertains to 1.44M disks):

guidelines v1.0
> x11
>     1 : xfnt1.deb, xlib.deb
>     2 : tk.deb
>     3 : xprg.deb
>     4 : xfnt2.deb
>     5 : xman.deb, xbin.deb, xdoc.deb

guidelines v1.1:
>  X11:
>  1  :    tk.deb
>  2  :    xfnt1.deb
>  3  :    xdoc.deb  xman.deb  xlib.deb
>  4  :    xbin.deb
>  5  :    xfnt2.deb
>  6  :    xprg.deb

Also, someone mentioned this once before, but why not include
directories on sunsite called ./disks1.2 and ./disks1.44 with the


The directories could contain symlinks to the ./dist/packages/*


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