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Some questions?


I now have one machine within the NIOZ domain running Slackware Linux
and soon another machine will be loaded with Linux as well. Yesterday
I found out that Debian is actually available so I might as well try
to install Debian Linux on the second machine. But before I am going
to try this I need answers to the following questions:

  - Does Debian provide for NFS installation just like Slackware does?

  - If so, then what's the procedure? Is it as simple as starting an
    installation script or something?

  - Is Debian compatible with Slackware regarding the software that's

  - Does the latest Debian release include the new pl15 kernel?



"Experience is what you get when you were expecting something else"

Name      : Erwin Embsen                Email: erwin@nioz.nl
Department: BEWON (ERSEM Project)       Phone: +31 (0)2220 - 69377 (or 69300)
Institute : NIOZ, Texel - NL            Fax  : +31 (0)2220 - 19674

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