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Re: TeX

On Tue, 1 Feb 94 10:21 PST Vinod G Kulkarni said:
>We are also considering porting xdvi for linux console driver.
>We found that it is quite feasible.  However it will take time since my
>friend who is working on it has some exams in coming week so it would be
>hopefully ready in 2-3 weeks. (IMHO, dvgt is not having good keyboard
>interface, and the screen output is  bit too "raw".)

Just a question: Has someone talked to Eberhard Mattes about the possibilility
of distributing a *binary-only* version of emtex's dviscr? I'm not sure, but
I guess Vinod said the main problem is that dviscr has a lot of asm code.

Surely, we can't find anything better than dviscr.
>                                                        Vinod.

Emilio C. Lopes, Physics Lab - UFPB, Brazil  <cendfi65@brufpb.bitnet>

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