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Re: installation types (was: "Re: Debian (fwd)")

On Feb 1, 10:20am, Daniel Quinlan wrote:
> I do believe that Debian should support the widest possible range of
> firm media.  That includes various tapes, floppies, and CD-ROMs.
> These should come first.  More people will utilize these than any
> NFS-based or other peculiar installation procedure.  Installing should
> be done from media, not the net.

> Yes, floppies are a mess and I would also like it if Debian was
> distributed on tape, but installing from the net on a one-shot basis
> is just not wise.  Most commercial UNIX systems require you to install
> the OS on each and every machine rather than on a central server.
> With a portable CD-ROM or tape drive, this is easy to do.

I know of two Unixes, AIX and IRIX (IBM/SGI) that have a remote installation,
and I would say that most new commercial Unix OSes will have a remote
installation of some kind, not necessarily using NFS but a remote installtion
routine that runs on the installtion server (IRIX uses tftp, AIX their own
server if I remember correctly).

I think it is a good idea to make a start on a remote installation procedure,
firstly setting up some guidelines for all installations procedures so that
things are not changed in the future which will break part of them. If a Linux
distribution is going to be used by an organisation, they will look at one
which has an easy installation (as well as other things). Having to take a
machine down, remove a CD player to another machine is possible but certainly
more awkward than just setting up a central server.

Oh well, waffles for breakfast,


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