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debian install error

I just installed debian distribution of linix. 
However when I boot up, it stops right after saying:

Configuring serial ports: /dev/cua1 :device or resource busy.

When asked the questions about my serial ports during install,
I told it the following
a modem on Com 1
microsoft serial mouse on Com 2

I also have a 3com503-16 card if that does anything for you.

I am somewhat new to this, so please forgive any really dumb mistakes.

Incidentally, the whole debian arrangment is pretty slick. However there were
two places where I think a couple more lines of text would be helpful:

1.Does your machine require additional networking setup?

At this point I wasn't really sure what "additional setup" meant. Perhaps you
should ask if they know the gateway and ip address of their machine, if on a
network, or something a little less vague.

2. Would you like to create a custom boot disk?

Perhaps a line or two here would help also. (like what a boot disk is useful
for and so on)

also, it's not entirely clear what the user is supposed to do with LILO. it
says debian doesn't do it for you; it might be good to suggest what the user
should do.


Michael Taylor

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