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uugetty craziness...

I cannot seem to get remote logins through my mode to function as
they should. uugetty maps the port correctly.  The issue file is
sent and appears.  The login prompt appears, but when the person
enters their name and hits <return>.  the password prompt never shows
up.  They just sit there.  When they hang up.. uugetty takes the port back
and sets up just ass it should.  Is there something about the login program
that I'm missing.  This all worked on my previous linux installation.
So I am assuming (perhaps incorrectly :) ) that this was introduced
to my system by installing debian as opposed to failing hardware (please no!)

I am running debian release .91.

any help would be greatly appreciated.
by the way... the debian installation was hands down the best linux or Unix
installation that I have ever had to deal with.


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