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Re: Seyon 2.12

> Since Debian is following the FSSTND directory and file structure, you
> should compile any program device locks to use "/var/lock".
> I normally don't post sections from the FSSTND here, but this seems
> like an appropriate time.  If you plan to develop any stuff for Debian
> and you want a copy of the whole thing, please mail me.  Also, it is
> planned to make the FSSTND public as soon as a few last minute things
> are cleared up.

Thank you VERY much for this.  I was at a loss seeing that the symlnk
was there, so I had just decided to go with the one closest to the
original.  I have recompiled it.

I hope the standard does come out to public soon as it looks like an
excellent setup. Can somebody mail me the mailing list for FSSTND (or
post it here if they think everyone would be interested)?  I *would*
like to contribute to debian, and will need the layout to do so.


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