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Re: [ Bug#425278: ITP: libqsearch -- hierarchical clustering library using quartet tree reconstruction algorithm] Re: [HELP][LONG] Multiple-binaries packages Re: [RFS] libnss-pgsql Re: [Ticket#: 2007051110000019] Fwd: Linux-Debian Chat Messenger Retroshare ( [...] Adopting eukleides and xeukleides Adoption of a package that doesn't need work (yet) Advice on packaging SAGE already being sponsored (Re: RFS: nautilus-image-converter) Anyone with experience in XView? (xv_get) Are (c)debootstrap broken ? Bug #417137: cvsnt does not compile with GCC4.3 Bug#424843: RFP: peless -- peless is GTK tabbed text file lister. bugreport, debian, ubuntu bugs on specific arch Build package first, or change to ITA first? build two binary packages with different configure parameters Building a program with tcl/tk8.4 Copyright issues GPL-PHP license dependancy question? Done: RFS: nettle (1.15-2) -- a low level cryptographic library dsc: Format Fix a bug located in a dependency getting the version of a package in the rules file. Re: Handling of configuration files not shipped with a newer package version Handling of configuration files not shipped with a newer package version Re: Handling of configuration files not shipped with a newer package version Installation path changes in -dev package ITA or ITP, for former Debian packages? ITP: libhttp Re: ITR: homebank ITS (Re: RFS: crank (updated package)) ITS (Re: RFS: libasterisk-agi-perl) Re: ITS: homebank LBAdmin package Re: Linux-Debian Chat Messenger Retroshare Listar: Post sent to moderator. Re: manpage tools mercurial (hg) equivalent of svn-buildpackage? Merging packages NEED MENTOR- HELP ME!!!!!! need review for new split of libcomplearn package new here New Package PVFS Re: package name conflicts with oldstable [was: RFS: lsh...] Packages looking for a good home packages newer in Ubuntu than in Debian Re: packages newer in Ubuntu than in Debian (reduced false positives) Re: packages newer in Ubuntu than in Debian (reduced false positives) Packaging php5-qt peless-1.125 repackaged peless-1.125-3 ready Please find fault with peless, before I try to file an ITR(whatever that is)! Prompt to install missing software? QGFE -- A question about no-stripping options QGFE, a couple of questions Question about a package conflict Question about Debian doc-base question about debian packaging. Question regarding dpkg files Rebuilding the whole archive. replacement for getpass(3) in older program (1994) Request for Review: emboss-explorer request for sponsoring = RFS, intent to sponsor = ITS ? Request for Sponsoring: various packages RFC: zfs-fuse packaging RFP: phylographer -- Graph Visualization Tool RFS/ITA: ample - A simple MP3 server easy to use (bug #424710) Re: RFS2: eqonomize -- personal accounting software for the small household economy Re: RFS: [sponsored] libconfig-general-perl new release. RFS: alienarena2007 Re: RFS: brightd RFS: btg RFS: cdemu RFS: clamtk RFS: crank (updated package) RFS: debomatic RFS: enblend RFS: fig2sxd (updated package) RFS: flake RFS: Frets on Fire RFS: fuseiso RFS: giplet Re: RFS: giplet (considering) Re: RFS: giplet (oops) RFS: gisomount RFS: gnofract4d RFS: gnome-rdp RFS: gnomeradio RFS: gpixpod RFS: gramophone2 Re: RFS: gramophone2 (updated) RFS: homebank RFS: ibpp RFS: imaxima-imath RFS: Kadu RFS: klthemes RFS: kopete-otr Re: RFS: lastfm (updated package) RFS: libasterisk-agi-perl RFS: libcomplearn (updated package) RFS: libhttp RFS: libmesh RFS: libsvm (updated package) RFS: libtomcrypt RFS: libtorrent-rasterbar RFS: lj2mail - livejournal friendlist update tracker RFS: lsh (formerly lsh-utils) (new version: 2.0.3-1) -- SSH2 server and client RFS: milter-regex Re: RFS: nautilus-image-converter RFS: nettle (1.15-2) -- a low level cryptographic library RFS: newlisp RFS: NMU for aolserver4-nsimap RFS: olive RFS: openais RFS: openglad Re: RFS: openjpeg (Sponsor still needed) RFS: pastebinit Re: RFS: peless -- dh_helper RFS: peless -- GTK Text browser Re: RFS: peless -- new upstream release. RFS: php-adodb RFS: php-ffmpeg RFS: phpesp RFS: predictive RFS: python-glpk RFS: pyxplot -- command-line plotting package producing publication-quality output RFS: qgfe -- QT Gnuplot Front End RFS: QGFE -- Qt Gnuplot front end -- should be mature now Re: RFS: revoco RFS: scim-thai (updated package) Re: RFS: smc RFS: smpeg 0.4.5+cvs20030824-1.10 (NMU) RFS: ttf-beteckna RFS: Ultrastar NG RFS: wired RFS: xapian-core xapian-omega xapian-bindings RFS: Xindy RFS: Xnee (updated package) RFS: xrgb Searching tool before to start to create it Second Try PVFS Package sponsor (Re: RFS: gnofract4d) Status of wired sub Symbol-versioning a C++ library unicode in file causing RC bug uscan: Filename pattern missing version delimiters () what is the right place for pkgconfig files ? The last update was on 08:30 GMT Fri May 06. There are 477 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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