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Adopting eukleides and xeukleides Adoption of a package that doesn't need work (yet) Advice on packaging SAGE already being sponsored (Re: RFS: nautilus-image-converter) Anyone with experience in XView? (xv_get) Are (c)debootstrap broken ? Bug #417137: cvsnt does not compile with GCC4.3 Bug#424843: RFP: peless -- peless is GTK tabbed text file lister. bugreport, debian, ubuntu bugs on specific arch Building a program with tcl/tk8.4 Build package first, or change to ITA first? build two binary packages with different configure parameters Re: [ Bug#425278: ITP: libqsearch -- hierarchical clustering library using quartet tree reconstruction algorithm] Copyright issues GPL-PHP license dependancy question? Done: RFS: nettle (1.15-2) -- a low level cryptographic library dsc: Format Fix a bug located in a dependency getting the version of a package in the rules file. Re: Handling of configuration files not shipped with a newer package version Handling of configuration files not shipped with a newer package version Re: Handling of configuration files not shipped with a newer package version Re: [HELP][LONG] Multiple-binaries packages Installation path changes in -dev package ITA or ITP, for former Debian packages? ITP: libhttp Re: ITR: homebank Re: ITS: homebank ITS (Re: RFS: crank (updated package)) ITS (Re: RFS: libasterisk-agi-perl) LBAdmin package Re: Linux-Debian Chat Messenger Retroshare Listar: Post sent to moderator. Re: manpage tools mercurial (hg) equivalent of svn-buildpackage? Merging packages NEED MENTOR- HELP ME!!!!!! need review for new split of libcomplearn package new here New Package PVFS Re: package name conflicts with oldstable [was: RFS: lsh...] Packages looking for a good home packages newer in Ubuntu than in Debian Re: packages newer in Ubuntu than in Debian (reduced false positives) Re: packages newer in Ubuntu than in Debian (reduced false positives) Packaging php5-qt peless-1.125-3 ready peless-1.125 repackaged Please find fault with peless, before I try to file an ITR(whatever that is)! Prompt to install missing software? QGFE, a couple of questions QGFE -- A question about no-stripping options Question about a package conflict Question about Debian doc-base question about debian packaging. Question regarding dpkg files Rebuilding the whole archive. replacement for getpass(3) in older program (1994) Request for Review: emboss-explorer request for sponsoring = RFS, intent to sponsor = ITS ? Request for Sponsoring: various packages RFC: zfs-fuse packaging RFP: phylographer -- Graph Visualization Tool Re: RFS2: eqonomize -- personal accounting software for the small household economy RFS: alienarena2007 Re: RFS: brightd RFS: btg RFS: cdemu RFS: clamtk RFS: crank (updated package) RFS: debomatic RFS: enblend RFS: fig2sxd (updated package) RFS: flake RFS: Frets on Fire RFS: fuseiso RFS: giplet Re: RFS: giplet (considering) Re: RFS: giplet (oops) RFS: gisomount RFS: gnofract4d RFS: gnomeradio RFS: gnome-rdp RFS: gpixpod RFS: gramophone2 Re: RFS: gramophone2 (updated) RFS: homebank RFS: ibpp RFS: imaxima-imath RFS/ITA: ample - A simple MP3 server easy to use (bug #424710) RFS: Kadu RFS: klthemes RFS: kopete-otr Re: RFS: lastfm (updated package) RFS: libasterisk-agi-perl RFS: libcomplearn (updated package) RFS: libhttp RFS: libmesh Re: [RFS] libnss-pgsql RFS: libsvm (updated package) RFS: libtomcrypt RFS: libtorrent-rasterbar RFS: lj2mail - livejournal friendlist update tracker RFS: lsh (formerly lsh-utils) (new version: 2.0.3-1) -- SSH2 server and client RFS: milter-regex Re: RFS: nautilus-image-converter RFS: nettle (1.15-2) -- a low level cryptographic library RFS: newlisp RFS: NMU for aolserver4-nsimap RFS: olive RFS: openais RFS: openglad Re: RFS: openjpeg (Sponsor still needed) RFS: pastebinit Re: RFS: peless -- dh_helper RFS: peless -- GTK Text browser Re: RFS: peless -- new upstream release. RFS: php-adodb RFS: phpesp RFS: php-ffmpeg RFS: predictive RFS: python-glpk RFS: pyxplot -- command-line plotting package producing publication-quality output RFS: qgfe -- QT Gnuplot Front End RFS: QGFE -- Qt Gnuplot front end -- should be mature now Re: RFS: revoco RFS: scim-thai (updated package) Re: RFS: smc RFS: smpeg 0.4.5+cvs20030824-1.10 (NMU) Re: RFS: [sponsored] libconfig-general-perl new release. RFS: ttf-beteckna RFS: Ultrastar NG RFS: wired RFS: xapian-core xapian-omega xapian-bindings RFS: Xindy RFS: Xnee (updated package) RFS: xrgb Searching tool before to start to create it Second Try PVFS Package sponsor (Re: RFS: gnofract4d) Status of wired sub Symbol-versioning a C++ library Re: [Ticket#: 2007051110000019] Fwd: Linux-Debian Chat Messenger Retroshare ( [...] unicode in file causing RC bug uscan: Filename pattern missing version delimiters () what is the right place for pkgconfig files ? The last update was on 16:58 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 477 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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