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Re: RFS: php-ffmpeg

On 12/05/07, Romain Beauxis <toots@rastageeks.org> wrote:
Le Wednesday 09 May 2007 00:36:17, vous avez écrit:
> Ok, I will move the modifications made to the files under tests/ to
> debian/patches.
> I can't make one that moves tests/test_ffmpeg.php to ./ because that
> file is deleted when calling phpize5 --clean (which is called at
> clean, after unpatching).

Then play with debian/rules to do that..

> I've also tried to compile without using the shipped gd.h but it isn't
> possible because ffmpeg-php makes use of PHP's built-in gd library.
> I'll anyways update the gd.h and gd_io.h with the PHP5 ones (using a
> patch, of course).
> Is there any better way to do this? because those two files are only
> available when downloading the php5 source package, that means there's
> no even simple way to update the file when it's changed on php5's
> source.

Yes, you may decalre the pacage that has this file as a build dependency and
use again debian/rules to do this at build time...

But the problem is that gd.h and gd_io.h are only available at the
php4/5 source package, not the php5-dev one. So how would I declare
php5's source package as a build dependency?


Besides that, I already sent an email to upstream to see if he can
make most of the changes directly up there, so there's no need of all
those patches.
I also told him about the licence conflict between PHP's licence and GNU GPL.

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